The Lute Crew Alumni Association aims to bring together rowers from past PLU’s squads. The LCAA was founded in 2009 to restore PLU Rowing to a competitive program. It was established to reconnect PLU Rowing alumni of all generations and support the current rowers of PLU Rowing and well into the future. Rowing for Pacific Lutheran University has given us all some great memories, through the blisters, sweat, and tears. Navigate through our timeless photos, stories, history, ways to support PLU Rowing, and relive the glory days.

The Golden Oar Society

The David S. Peterson Golden Oar Society was created to recognize members of the LCAA for exceptional support of the PLU Rowing program.

Golden Oar Society Inductees

The Row Down Crew (Jim Bartlett, Bill Brinkmeyer, Roger Hansen, Rich Holmes, Mike Kido,  Rolf Morstad, Jim Ojala, Norm Purvis, Bob Sullivan, Bob Torget, Gary Van Hoy, Jim Wiitala, George Wood)

David S. Peterson